Monthly Archives: September 2011

Getting a reality check

From time to time it’s good to take a look at your progress as you work toward reaching your fundraising goal by a specific deadline. You might be surprised! The question I want to pose is based on how long it will take you to reach your goal based on your past performance. Here is… Continue Reading

The 48 Hour Rule

As you ask for funds, I guarantee you that you will find those who want to pray or take more time to make a decision regarding your request. The next step on your part is follow-up. When it comes to follow up, you better know about the 48 hour rule. It has been my experience… Continue Reading

Planning for the Next Generation

You need to be thinking the next generation of givers. For example, I had a donor who had given for a number of years but he was getting up in years. He was wise to point out that I better get connected to his sons. After numerous attempts to make the connection I finally got… Continue Reading

Taking the Long View

Getting appointments with major prospects can take months, if not years. On my radar was a major donor. His company began giving Inner City Impact an annual gift, but I knew there was so much more capacity to give. Of course, I wanted to seek an appointment. A call to his secretary was friendly but… Continue Reading

About Your Car

You are heading into to an appointment, and the plan is to go to lunch with your prospect or donor. Usually, you jump in their car and head off to lunch. But let me talk about another scenario: they turn to you and say “do you mind driving?” Obviously, you agree to it, but what… Continue Reading