Monthly Archives: October 2011

6 Reasons Why Your Pledged Gift Might Not Arrive

Any person raising funds is highly dependent upon those that pledge to give on a consistent basis. It could be a monthly pledge, quarterly or annually. There will be those times when those gifts might not make it to your account. Here are 6 reasons, why. 1. Your donor simply forgot. The response card or envelope could… Continue Reading

Keep That Pledge Open-Ended

As you ask people for a pledged gift, whether it is monthly, quarterly, or annually… keep it open ended. For example, don’t ask a person for a for one year pledge. If you do that, you’ll have to follow up every year to secure from them still another annual pledge. I simply assume that the… Continue Reading

Igniting a Life of Generosity

One of my People Raising graduates has written the following devotional that might interest you. Chris McDaniel, along with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), have released a new devotional titled Igniting a Life of Generosity. I have personally reviewed this 21-day devotional and believe it would serve as a great gift to current… Continue Reading

4 Goals for an Appointment

Through People Raising I trust I have convinced you of the value of seeking an appointment. Now I want to make sure you are successful with that appointment. There are 4 goals you will want to achieve as your sit down with your prospects or donors 1. To build your relationship There is nothing like… Continue Reading