Monthly Archives: February 2012

It Happens to Bill Dillon As Well!

One day I was in my office with a staff member when I placed a call to a young man and my phone conversation was very brief. He asked if I could call him back.  The very next day that staff member asked if I ever got a return call. My response was “no he didn’t… Continue Reading

The Issue Is Not Value

In the People Raising strategy I encourage people to take their list and prioritize the list by high, medium and low. The high priority people are obviously going to get more time and attention because those are the people that can give substantial gifts to get you to your assignment far faster. That is a… Continue Reading

Postponing a Request for Funds

In reviewing my donor list I identified a donor who had not given their annual gift. I had a chance to meet with them and there was a strong indication that they would be able to give at a far greater level. Reviewing that meeting in my mind, I thought it would be wise to… Continue Reading

3 Signals Your Donors Can Be Sending You

As you meet with donors and prospects, there are 3 signals you should be looking for. 1. Verbal Signals For example: “I really like what you are doing.” “I love giving to that type of project.” “I think you are meeting a real need through your ministry.” 2. Financial Signals For example: It could be… Continue Reading