Monthly Archives: March 2012

Be Careful From Whom You Get Fundraising Advice

There are many well intended friends who will be eager to see you raise your needed funds and possibility provide you advice. Be careful whom you get fundraising advice. It is vital that you get advice from those who have successfully raised funds. Unfortunately anything less will not allow you to accomplish your goals. You… Continue Reading

4 Key Insights That Can Sharpen Your Fundraising

There are 4 key insights that can make a difference in your fund raising. The new and expanded version of People Raising being released April 1st touches on these insights and much more. Confronting the fear factor You all too well know whether beginning your fund raising experience or a long time veteran that fear… Continue Reading

Wording Can Make a Difference

It’s only natural for you to talk about “your ministry,” “your calling,” “your vision.” But as you build a team of people who are praying and giving you want to engage them as partners. It’s far better in your wording to talk about “our ministry.” That well defines what God has called you to do,… Continue Reading

3 Actions To Take With Your Prospect List

Working with your prospect list is one of the keys to your success in raising funds. Here are 3 actions you need to take: 1. Record Your List The best way to record your names is to set up a data base using one of many donor software programs. Here are several to recommend but… Continue Reading