Monthly Archives: April 2012

9 Ways to Integrate Prayer in Your Fundraising

Every step in our fundraising planning and execution has to be bathed in prayer. If this is the Lord’s ministry, then it’s important that we consult with Him—regarding our need for funds, and to praise him for the successes we experience. Let’s think through some of the many ways prayer needs to intersect with your… Continue Reading

Get That Pad of Paper Out!

Let me set the scene. You’re meeting with a donor and you really need their help in identifying people that you could add to your prospect list and follow up. You need to signal that this is important to you. One thing you want to do is pull out a pad of paper as you… Continue Reading

The Apostle Paul Talked Vision

In 1 Cor 16:5-8 Paul talks about his journey to spread the gospel and his desire to visit the believers in Macedonia and to seek their help. After I go through Macedonia, I will come to you—for I will be going through Macedonia. Perhaps I will stay with you awhile, or even spend the winter,… Continue Reading

Kindle Edition Now Available on

The Kindle Edition e-book of People Raising (new and expanded edition) is now available on If you use a Kindle reader (or the free Kindle software reader on your computer, table, iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone) purchase the Kindle version of People Raising which can be read on any of these platforms. Continue Reading

What Does A Good Ask Look Like?

According to a major donor I interviewed in the new and expanded version of People Raising, there are 5 things that make a good ask. 1. It has a one- or two-page summary document clearly outlining the reasons for the project and its benefits. 2. It includes information as to who the beneficiaries are and… Continue Reading

Whose Donors Are They Really?

All too often I hear missionaries in particular talk about “my donors”. Being part of an organization they make it clear that these are “my donors” and you better not ask “my donors” for funds. But whose donors are they really? The Lord’s. The new and expanded People Raising book is out. It will offer… Continue Reading