Monthly Archives: June 2012

Two ways of sorting your prospect list

How you sort your list can make the difference on how long it might take to raise needed funds. For me, there is a preferred way but let me touch on how you and I are programmed to sort lists. I believe the default for us is to take any list and sort it alphabetically.… Continue Reading

Are you reading people’s signals?

Here are a couple of examples. You are on the phone and sense the people are just not engaged, it’s probably best not to stretch out the conversation. Maybe another time to talk might be better. Another example. You are meeting with someone and you note that they are little fidgety, you don’t sense you… Continue Reading

3 Reasons People Might Not Be Giving

Frustration can set in if you make an appointment and walk away empty handed. There could be 3 reasons why that could be happening. 1. Not A Clear Presentation Many times appointments with prospects and donors are those times when you and your friends play catch up and enjoy one anothers’ fellowship. But if you… Continue Reading