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2 Questions on New Donors’ Minds

As you raise funds, it is important that you understand what is going through the minds of most new donors. Here are 2 questions on their minds. Before I share these 2 questions, let me provide this scenario: You receive your first gift from a new donor. You know they have the capacity to give… Continue Reading

2 Reasons Not to Ask for a One-Time Gift

Your primary goal in raising funds is to secure regular pledged gifts that you can count on each month. That being the case, you tend to ask people for a monthly gift. When the person responds by saying they are unable to provide a monthly gift, it can become natural to ask for a one-time… Continue Reading

3 Reasons You Must Meet the Decision Maker

There are times when you fail to get a gift because you failed to meet with the decision maker. For example, you have a great meeting with the wife but it is the husband that is the decision maker. Another example, you meet with a friend who is a part of a missions committee but… Continue Reading

3 Requirements for an Effective Fund Raiser

I make it a habit in life to be effective in whatever I do, and that is true of fund raising. Here are 3 key requirement to be an effective fund raiser. 1. An Effective Fund Raiser must have vision, passion and conviction. People do not readily respond to need. All of us can build… Continue Reading

3 Fatal Fundraising Mistakes

There are times when I meet people raising funds and it seems they are just spinning their wheels and not really going very far. It could be that they have fallen into one of the 3 Fatal Fundraising Mistakes. 1. Failing to ask. People Raising is all about building relationships and growing relationships but there… Continue Reading

3 Fund Raising Reminders

If you are like me, you simply need to be reminded from time to time on some key fund raising principles. Here are 3 for you. 1. In fund raising, the issue is not efficiency but effectiveness. Here is the example, you build your email list and think to yourself this should be a piece… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You Might Have Failed To Receive a Gift

Frustration can set in if you are making appointments, and walk away empty handed. There could be 3 reasons why this is may be happening. 1. Not A Clear Presentation Many times appointments with prospects and donors are those times when you and your friends play catch up and enjoy one another’s fellowship. But if… Continue Reading

3 Roles of an Effective Fund Raiser

There are many roles you play as a fund raiser. Here are 3 key roles for an effective fund raiser. 1. Chaplain to Your Donors Your donors are people who have real needs. You have the opportunity to minister to them. They go through such things as illness, job issues, retirement, loss of spouse etc.… Continue Reading