Igniting a Life of Generosity

Igniting a Life of Generosity, by a People Raising graduate, Chris McDanielOne of my People Raising graduates has written the following devotional that might interest you.

Chris McDaniel, along with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), have released a new devotional titled Igniting a Life of Generosity. I have personally reviewed this 21-day devotional and believe it would serve as a great gift to current and potential supporters.

Our vision at People Raising has always been to help you disciple and raise up people who are passionately connected to your ministry. Sending this resource to your contact list allows you to minister back to them and opens the door to discuss a much needed area of discipleship.

During these tough economic times, it’s important for Christian leaders to continue to convey God’s powerful message about giving,” ECFA President Dan Busby said. “Generosity is a theme seen throughout the Scriptures. We are excited about releasing this resource that emphasizes how generosity correlates to a more transforming journey with Christ.

Igniting a Life of Generosity is sold individually for $5, a 30 pack for $120 or a pack of 100 for $350. For orders email ignite@deltaministries.com, and mention People Raising in your email for a 10% discount.

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