Taking a no and making it a yes

One of the ways I promote getting new prospects is to ask a donor to conduct a dessert reception. With that in mind, I called a donor and asked if they would conduct a dessert reception. I had a nice conversation but they indicated their schedule was far too busy with their family and were unable to serve as a dessert host. They indicated that they loved our ministry and would continue to support the ministry.

About two months later, I called that same individual and this time I asked if they would be willing to attend one of our dessert receptions. The same answer came back, “‘we appreciate your ministry but there’s far too much going on with our family.”

In both those phone calls I got the answer no. A month later I received a check for $5,000 which is their biggest gift to date. I obviously placed a call to her, thanked her for the gift and she responded by saying, “I certainly appreciated the phone calls we’ve had and thanks so much for calling me.”

Here’s a perfect example of taking a “no” and eventually making it a “yes”.

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