2 Fundraising Problems to Avoid

Two Fundraising Problems to AvoidDeveloping an effective fundraising strategy is the key. There are 2 fundraising problems you must avoid.

Most fundraising systems have two major problems—and both violate the People Raising principles.

The first problem is what I call “the shotgun approach.” Eager to raise support, the fundraiser rushes off in every direction. He or she looks through the yellow pages for any church that might have an evangelical tag. Unfortunately they wander into the unknown and waste time, energy, and money contacting people who don’t know them, trust them, or have a deep concern for them.

The second problem is a strategy of fundraising using impersonal tools. Time and finances are spent on mass mailings to long lists of people. When letters don’t produce the desired results, fundraisers get discouraged, give up, and never see their ministry or organization fully funded.

Letter writing certainly has its place, but when matched against the best methods for effective communicating it is not nearly effective. Letters alone will not get the job done. The primary focus for communicating your vision must be one-on-one visits.

One-on-one is important because communicating is not just about words. Only 7 percent of communication is done through words. 93 percent comes through expression, gestures, tone, and body language. A personal, face-to-face meeting provides vital two-way communication.

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