2 Questions on New Donors’ Minds

2 Questions on New Donors' MindsAs you raise funds, it is important that you understand what is going through the minds of most new donors. Here are 2 questions on their minds.

Before I share these 2 questions, let me provide this scenario:

You receive your first gift from a new donor. You know they have the capacity to give so much. The gift is smaller than you anticipated and you are disappointed. Yes, even discouraged.

My advice is don’t be discouraged! Many new donors will be testing you and here is what typically is
going on in their minds.

1. Did you appreciate their gift?

You can address this question by:

  • Saying thank you.
  • Saying thank you immediately.
  • Saying thank you immediately in writing.

People (including yourself) love to be appreciated and thanked.

2. Did you need their gift, and how did you use their gift?

Make sure you are updating them on what their money has done. People like to see a return on their investment. They love to support success and achievement. They love to know that their gift is making a difference for the kingdom.

As I have personally applied these principles, I have seen over and over again, some new donors who have been capable who have increased their giving as illustrated below:

  • 1st gift of $25
  • 2nd gift of $100
  • 3rd annual gift of $500

By applying these principles, I am sure you will pass the test as you encounter new donors who are very capable of supporting God’s work.

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