2 Reasons Not to Ask for a One-Time Gift

Two Reasons Not to Ask for a One-Time GiftYour primary goal in raising funds is to secure regular pledged gifts that you can count on each month. That being the case, you tend to ask people for a monthly gift.

When the person responds by saying they are unable to provide a monthly gift, it can become natural to ask for a one-time gift.

1. I never want a prospect or donor to feel that they are finished in their giving.

2. I do not want the fundraiser to feel that he is done in his continued cultivation of his prospects or donors.

How do you respond when a person is unable to provide a monthly gift?

Here’s what you must do: Ask for a special gift.

Asking for special gift accomplishes several things.

1. It gives the prospect or donor another option to engage with you and your ministry through a special gift at this time.

2. It gives you as a fund raiser another option when a prospect or donor is unable to provide a pledge gift.

Keep in mind that donors are wired differently. Some will readily commit to a pledge gift while many others choose to give from time to time and not lock themselves into a pledged monthly gift

Once you track your special gift donors you will begin to see multiple giving opportunities created moving forward.

Remember, never simply ask for a one-time gift.

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