3 Actions To Take With Your Prospect List

3 Actions to Take With Your Prospect ListWorking with your prospect list is one of the keys to your success in raising funds. Here are 3 actions you need to take:

1. Record Your List

The best way to record your names is to set up a data base using one of many donor software programs. Here are several to recommend but every day new ones become available.

2. Catalog Your Contacts

As you catalogue your contacts each person will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Prospect
  • Donor
    There are two different types of donors:
    • Pledged donor (those who agree to give consistently)
    • Special gift donor (those who like to respond as the spirit moves)
  • Non-Donor



3. Prioritize Your Contacts

  • High-Priority Prospects
  • Medium-Priority Prospects
  • Low-Priority Prospects

Note: The New and Expanded Version of People Raising being released April 1, 2012 will have an entire chapter (Chapter 10) outlining the critical steps you need to take in working your prospect list.


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