3 Fund Raising Assignments for the End of the Year

3 Fund Raising Assignments for the End of the YearThe end of the year is a key time to raise funds. Here are 3 fund raising assignments as you close the year.

1. Segment your list.
You often hear me stress:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Your high priority prospects and donors are those that have the capacity to give larger gifts. End of the year is when you need to know who they are and begin to focus on them. Once they are identified I recommend building a list of those who would make up your top 10. Everyone’s list will vary in dollar amount as to whom that might be. No matter how small or large this is where you will need to focus.

Depending upon your geographical location to your donors, you might do the following:

  • High priority—visit
  • Medium priority—phone
  • Low priority—Send letter or email

2. You might consider a special gift to thank your donors.
Whether a donor is high, medium or low end of the year can be a good time to express your thanks. Keep in mind you are not in competition with your donors when it comes to gift giving. They don’t expect that. It is the thought that counts. Try and think through what might be appropriate and appreciated. Not only does this express your thanks but provide another way of staying in front of your donors.

3. Don’t forget a Christmas card or Christmas greeting.
It might go by mail or sent out electronically. A family picture is always appreciated. Don’t be surprised when you Christmas card or family picture makes its way onto the family refrigerator. Just seeing it just might generate more prayer support for you and your ministry.

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