3 Fund Raising Reminders

3 Fundraising RemindersIf you are like me, you simply need to be reminded from time to time on some key fund raising principles. Here are 3 for you.

1. In fund raising, the issue is not efficiency but effectiveness.

Here is the example, you build your email list and think to yourself this should be a piece a cake. All I need to do is send an email blast out and watch the funds roll in. My advice is focus not on what is efficient but what is most effective. Take the time to sit down with key people. Share your heart, passion and vision then challenge them. These are the settings where people will more generously share financially.

2. Avoid the group ask.

The most effective way to raise funds is face to face. Think about it. What is the most effective way to witness? Same thing, face to face. There is a tendency with some raising funds to gather a group of people and put your need in front of the group. It sounds very practical but here is the problem.

People in groups when asked tend to give much smaller gifts. They tend to draw the conclusion that certainly there will be others in the group who will give the larger gifts.

Avoid the group ask and individually meet with those who know, trust and care for you. These are the people for which you can raise their vision and challenge high.

3. Experience builds confidence.

Fund raising calls for confidence but you might ask how do I get confidence? Well, it is from experience. There is no shortcut, no other way.

What can you do this week to build that confidence?

What calls can you make setting up appointments?

What visits can you make asking for a gift?

What follow up can you make?

Take it from my more than 40 years of raising funds — Experience builds confidence!

May the Lord bless your ministry.

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