3 Fundraising Habits to Avoid

3 Fundraising Habits to AvoidHabits can be either a blessing or a curse. There are at least 3 fundraising habits you need to avoid if you are going to be effective in raising funds.

1. When making appointments, don’t tell the whole story.
The goal of your phone call is to secure an appointment. If you take the phone call and tell your whole story, don’t be surprised to hear your prospect say, “You have given me a good idea of your ministry, I am not sure we really need to meet.”

2. Avoid the Group Ask
We love to put our vision and need in front of as many people as possible. Asking in a group setting tends to get people responding in a minimal way. You can secure far bigger gifts by meeting those same people on a one-to-one basis and raising their vision.

3. Asking Too Low
It is so easy to ask for smaller gifts. People will respond but I like to ask based upon capacity to give, and raise their vision. This alone will speed up your fund raising process as more funds will be given, instead of a nickel and dime approach.

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Let these training tools assist you in avoiding these 3 fundraising habits.

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