3 Guiding Fund Raising Principles

3 Guiding Fund Raising PrinciplesAs I teach at the People Raising conferences there are some guiding principles that I reference. So many people have taken these to heart and have applied them and seen their fund raising increase. Here are 3 of those guiding principles.

1. The issue is effectiveness, not efficiency.

In fund raising, it’s only natural to think in terms of how efficient we should be as we seek to raise funds. However, your real goal is to be effective in your fund raising and see the funds come in for your ministry.

There are many scenarios in which we focus on efficiency at the expense of effectiveness in raising funds. For example, we have the opportunity to gather a group of people whether it is a church meeting or dessert time. We think if I get in front of all these people at one time that’s going to really make a difference in my fund raising. Another scenario is the use of email or other social media like Facebook. We think, here is a golden opportunity for us to get the message out very quickly and very efficiently. Both these scenarios are not the most effective way to raise funds.

I have plenty of evidence that will show that by sitting down with key people face to face and raising their vision and challenging them you will see your fund raising be much more effective. By using this method you will have the opportunity to individualize your ‘ask’ of each person.

2. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be “no.”

The number one reason people give is because they are asked. For many the fear to ask will paralyze them and they will never get around to asking for funds. To this day I still have a certain element of fear but I’ve learned to live above it. Remember, if you don’t ask the answer will always be” no”. That being the case, you’ll never see funds raised for your ministry. Who is to blame, is it the Lord or could it be your unwillingness to ask? Remember scripture says, “You have not because you ask not.”

3. Visibility equals opportunity.

One of the most important things I can do as Founder and Executive Director of Inner City Impact is to get out of my office and get in front of people. That could take so many forms: it could be attending a banquet, a Bible conference, a church event, a business men’s luncheon, and so many other scenarios. By being in front of people the Lord will begin to create some wonderful opportunities as I interact with people, both donors and prospects. My advice, look for opportunities, make opportunities, and capitalize on opportunities to be visible for you and your ministry. Simply by practicing this principle, you will see many more people become part of your financial and prayer team.

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Here are two endorsements from the very latest People Raising conference.

“The People Raising conference is a fantastic resource for people who need practical and attainable ways to raise funds. The learning is interactive and the role playing is very beneficial. I highly recommend it!”

Eric Chabot
CJF Ministries

“I love Bill’s humility and humor as he discusses the keys to raising people as donors. His insight, experience and encouragement will be of great help to anyone attending.”

Lance Hurley
Ignite Church Planting

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