3 Key Donor Expectations

3 Key Donor ExpectationsWe live in a world where expectations abound, and they greatly matter. Do you know the expectations of your donors? Here are 3 key donor expectations.

1. Vision

I think it is so easy to go on automatic when raising ministry funds. We readily make our list of needs: “We need this ____and this ____ and this_____ etc.” We fail to talk about the most important thing –VISION. Remember–people give to vision, not need.

2. Passion

How passionate are you about your ministry?

Webster defines passion as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something, or about doing something,

You and I are involved in the greatest program in the universe. This is something to get excited about! Can your donors sense that passion in you?

3. A Plan

You can have vision and passion, but there is another critical part. It is having a plan.

What is your goal?
How much do you have to raise?
How much have you raised so far?

But here is the key part: What are you going to do to meet your goal? What is your plan?

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