3 Key Questions to Ask Your Prospect or Donor

3 Key Questions to AskHere is the scenario: I have a project that I want to present to a donor. There are 3 key questions I need to get answered.

  1. What kind of projects do they like to give to?
    It is one thing for me to simply put my need, my projects in front of them but it is another thing to discover what really excites them.
  2. How much should I be asking for?
    Here again I run the risk of asking to low or too high. Discovering this makes the ask more realistic. Note: Always ask high. You want to raise their vision. You want to lift their giving.
  3. What deadlines am I up against?
    You miss a deadline you can easily be left without a gift.

Whether asking an individual, a church, a foundation, a company or a group these three key questions will pave the way for an ask that makes sense to them.

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