3 Key Questions Your Donors Might Ask

3 Key Questions Your Donors  Might Ask In chapter 21 of the New and Expanded version of People Raising released April 1st. I interview a donor to get their perspective on fund raising and I ask– What are some of the things that really motivate you to give? He responds by saying, “Leaders who effectively answer the three questions of leadership.”

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Do you care about me?
  3. Do you know what you want to do and can you do it?

Let’s look briefly at each of these questions

1. Can I trust you?
In People Raising we say “People give to people they know, trust and care for.” You have to earn that trust and it is not automatic. Don’t think for a second, that just because you carry a title such as, Missionary, Church Planter or Executive Director you are bound to get a gift. No, you need to be trusted and that usually is built over a period of time.

2. Do you care about me?
I had lunch with a prominent Christian Leader and we talked about Fund Raising and he turned to me and said, “It’s all about relationships.” As you seek to raise funds there is no question that one of your goals is to seek financial support. But when the rubber meets the road, where is your allegiance? If your relationship is true and genuine, it has to reflect an abiding care about your donors far above their giving to you. What happens if they had to reduce their giving? What happens if they were to stop their giving? How you respond may speak volumes as to do you really care about them or is it just their money?

3. Do you know what you want to do and can you do it?
What is said here is pretty straight forward. If you were to be entrusted with their funds, not only are your plans important but are they convinced that you can you pull it off? Can you be counted on?

These are three very key questions your donors might not verbalize to you but you can be pretty sure they are thinking them.

The Lord bless your efforts of People Raising.


TWO MORE reminders:

Who should attend?

    • Ministry leaders who raise personal or organizational support. 
    • Individuals within organizations who are responsible for training or monitoring those sent out to raise financial support. 
    • Ministry representatives responsible for overseeing the raising of funds through personal solicitation.

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