3 Misconceptions on Fund Raising

3 Misconceptions on Fund RaisingMany people struggle raising funds and part of it is due to misconceptions on fund raising. Here are 3 misconceptions that Donna Wilson has addressed.

Beliefs about Money and Possessions

Inaccurate belief: I’m asking people to give me some of their money.

Biblical view: I’m inviting people to give back to God some of his resources for his work (1 Chronicles 29:14–16).

Beliefs about Personal Worth

Inaccurate belief: My value lies in what I own or accomplish; my worth is reflected by my position and salary.

Biblical view: Our value comes from God and his love for us. We are friends, children, and heirs of the King (Romans 8:14-17).

Beliefs about Giving

Inaccurate belief: Giving is a nice thing to do but can only be done after people have met their own needs/wants OR Giving is for the purpose of getting some kind of economic benefit (tax deduction, premium, public favor, better business, etc.).

Biblical view: Our giving is to God to acknowledge his ownership of everything; it is to be done out of the “first fruits” not the leftovers (Proverbs 3:9).

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