3 Questions Fund Raisers Need to Ask Themselves

3 Questions Fund Raisers Need to Ask ThemselvesAs a fund raiser you have a privileged opportunity to invite people to fund the Lord’s work though your ministry. As your donors give to your ministry, you become a steward of their monies.

Because fund raising is not really about you, I’d pose three questions you might ask yourself on a consistent basis. These are the questions Chip Ingram (in his book “The Genius of Generosity”) identifies that smart stewards ask themselves:

  1. Am I using the money entrusted to me in accordance with the owner’s wishes?
  2. Am I carefully keeping an account of where the owner’s funds are going?
  3. Am I becoming best friends with the owner by managing his resources?

As founder and director of Inner City Impact, I take very seriously the responsibility I have of being a good steward of the funds given to me to manage. I hope that’s true of you as well.

For further reading on this subject of stewardship read chapter 5 (pages 45-50) of People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds (order the book online).

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