3 Questions To Help You Move To a “Yes”

3 Questions to Help You Move to a "Yes"When we make an ask for funds we always want people to respond by saying, “Yes.” Here are 3 Questions to help you move to a “Yes.”

As you present your vision, it is important that you have your prospect respond by saying “Yes” through your presentation.

There are 3 types of questions that you can use to get a “Yes.”

For example, the Lord has given me a passion for inner city kids, and I have founded the ministry of Inner City Impact in Chicago www.InnerCityImpact.org.

As I raise funds, I want to have my prospects realize the need to reach inner city kids and that it is vitally important in the sight of the Lord. I then ultimately want them to agree to support me and my ministry.

Here are 3 questions and examples I use to build my case and get them connected to my vision. Take your particular scenario and plug in these types of questions.

The Question “Isn’t it?”

For example: “Penetrating the inner city with the gospel is very important. Isn’t it?”

The Question “Doesn’t it?”

For example: “I believe it makes a lot of sense to send missionaries into our urban settings. Doesn’t it?”

The Question “Do you agree?”

For example: “We need more missionaries serving in the inner city. Do you agree?”

Having your prospect respond by saying “yes” through your presentation prepares them to be asked, and when you ask for a gift, they too will respond by saying “Yes.”

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