3 Reasons Few People Are Giving

3 Things You Can't ControlWhen you find that few people are investing in your ministry, you need to do some trouble shooting. Here are three reasons to consider.

Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada offers the following explanations for the problem and solutions for resolving these issues.

  1. Possible cause: Presentation is unclear.
    Solution: Pray for clarity, and practice your presentation.
  2. Possible cause: Unenthusiastic presentation.
    Solution: Pray for enthusiasm during your presentation. If you are like me, I like to be around people that are excited about their ministry and vision. People generally don’t want to support a person who lacks enthusiasm for their call.
  3. Possible cause: Not asking for investments.
    Solution: Follow the script and wait silently for the reply.

People Raising lays out a very clear 6 step presentation for conducting an appointment. Check out the People Raising tools for the 6 hour DVD, CD, MP3 and the book People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds

Also, People Raising has coaches that can help you in conducting an appointment and other fund raising areas. If you are interested contact Bill Dillon.

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