3 Reasons People Might Not Be Giving

3 Reasons People Might Not Be GivingFrustration can set in if you make an appointment and walk away empty handed. There could be 3 reasons why that could be happening.

1. Not A Clear Presentation

Many times appointments with prospects and donors are those times when you and your friends play catch up and enjoy one anothers’ fellowship. But if you intend to ask for funds, you dare not be distracted from your goal. If you do not make a clear cut presentation, you have missed the mark. At the end of your appointment it should be crystal clear to your prospect or donor that they have a clear idea of what the Lord has asked you to do in terms of ministry and they are being asked to make a financial decision.  Anything less than that could represent simply a social call. You have to be very clear.

2. Unenthusiastic Presentation 

I love being around excitable people. Their enthusiasm can be contagious. Even if I am down for one reason or another an enthusiast person can change my attitude.  As you make your presentation for funds, get excited. Reflect on the fact that you are in the greatest enterprise this world has known as you are called to share the gospel. On top of that you are about to give your prospect or donor the opportunity to be a part as well. In my book that is very exciting. Your job is to show it.

3. Not Asking For the Gift

You might say, this seems like common sense but I have coached so many people who role play a great presentation. It is full of vision, passion, evidence of God’s leading but at the end there is no ask for the gift. This is the most important part. This is why you called and asked for the appointment. Put it in your own words but I would say, “Would you be one of those people that could give $_____? Once asked there should be no doubt in their mind they are being asked a question that needs their response.

Next time you find people not giving to your ministry after a conducting an appointment, ask yourself:

  1. Was my presentation clear?
  2. Was my presentation enthusiastic?
  3. Did I ask for the gift?

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