3 Requirements for an Effective Fund Raiser

3 Requirements for an Effective Fund RaiserI make it a habit in life to be effective in whatever I do, and that is true of fund raising. Here are 3 key requirement to be an effective fund raiser.

1. An Effective Fund Raiser must have vision, passion and conviction.
People do not readily respond to need. All of us can build a personal list of all of our needs but you need to articulate exactly what the Lord wants you to accomplish. You need to share your vision and it must come across with passion and conviction.

You and I are given assignments from the Lord and He is counting on us to share that vision. Paint a picture of your vision and then ask them to partner with you.

2. An Effective Fund Raiser must have the courage to make the ask.
You can share all the statics you want on how great the need is for people to give. You can tell stories which people need to hear but your prospects and donors need to be engaged.

How do they get engaged? When you have the courage to ask them to be part of your team. Remember, if you never ask, the answer is always be no.

3. An Effective Fund Raiser must be willing to make the ask that will lift their giving.
You need to challenge people high and raise their vision, but if they are unable to commit at that level, don’t get discouraged. Simply be willing to arrive at an amount they feel comfortable with as they partner with you and your ministry.

You have a wonderful job as a fund raiser but take to heart these 3 requirements for being an Effective Fund Raiser.

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