3 Roles of an Effective Fund Raiser

3 Roles of an Effective Fund RaiserThere are many roles you play as a fund raiser. Here are 3 key roles for an effective fund raiser.

1. Chaplain to Your Donors

Your donors are people who have real needs. You have the opportunity to minister to them. They go through such things as illness, job issues, retirement, loss of spouse etc.

This is your time to truly care for them. Remember, it’s far more than money.

2. Vision Caster

People give to vision not need. It is easy to list and recite your needs building a case for why they should support you. But people want to give to a ministry that is reaching out with a vision to make a difference for the Lord.

What is your vision? How will you articulate it? Will it resonate with their interest as to what they like to give to?

3. Listener

You have been trained in how to make your presentation. You might have even role played it. You make your presentation but there could be one key thing missing: listening to your donors.

Over the years I have learned so much by practicing the art of listening. But it is not that easy. You need to focus and be showing genuine concern about them. Doing this, you will bond with your prospects and donors.


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