3 Signals Your Donors Can Be Sending You

3 Signals Your Donors Can Be Sending YouAs you meet with donors and prospects, there are 3 signals you should be looking for.

1. Verbal Signals

For example:

  • “I really like what you are doing.”
  • “I love giving to that type of project.”
  • “I think you are meeting a real need through your ministry.”

2. Financial Signals

For example:

  • It could be an upgrade in their normal giving to you or your ministry or a large gift that they send your way

3. Body Language

For example:

  • A reassuring nod of the head showing agreement to what you are conveying.
  • A smile on their face.
  • A gleam in their eye

It is vitally important in fund raising that we look for these signals and then act upon them. As that prospect or donor responds with these and other signals we need in full confidence then to challenge and ask them at the appropriate time to play a financial part in our ministry. Failing to act upon these signals is nothing more than passing up a lost opportunity. Ask with confidence, and remember you are giving people an opportunity to invest in the Lord’s work.

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