3 Steps Following the Ask

3 Steps Following the AskYou have made the ask and your prospect has agreed to support you and your ministry. Your job is not complete. There are 3 more steps you need to take following the ask.

1. Get an agreed-upon start date.

It is easy to get so excited about the gift that you forget the details. You need to get an agreed-upon start date. Taking a gift right then and there is ideal but for some they would like to make the gift at a future date. No problem; you just need to know what that date is. Failing to get that date simply means you are operating in the dark and it complicates your life as you have to call and get that nailed down. Now is the time to nail it down.

2. Put it in writing.

To make sure everyone is on the same page I put what has been agreed in writing. My letter thanks them for the visit and recites exactly what was agreed to, i.e. “Thanks for your willingness to support me at $200 a month beginning May 1st.” This not only documents their intent but they now have a piece of paper they can file to serve as a reminder.

3. Thank them for the gift.

When their gift does come in, by all means thank them for their gift. Everyone wants to be appreciated and your job is not merely to get the gift but keep the donor. Saying thank you will pave the way for future gifts as God provides.

These 3 simple, and you might say “common sense” things ought to be business as usual as you continue to give God’s people an opportunity to invest back in his work.

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