3 Steps in Closing the Ask

3 Steps in Closing the AskStep 1 – Ask for the gift.
Remember the number one reason why people do not give is because they are not asked. As I ask for the gift, I ask for a specific amount or ask in a range and by all means I like to raise people’s vision and challenge them high. If you ask low, you can expect to get smaller gifts and it will take you much longer to raise needed funds.

Step 2 – Agree on the amount.
Your goal is to bring your prospects or donors to a decision. If they are unable to give at the level you requested, you will need to suggest another amount. Now I am not calling for a long process of negotiations but simply providing another option. In many cases simply introducing another amount can make the difference. On your 2nd ask I would not drop the amount you ask way down but lower it enough that they may feel comfortable.

Step 3 – Agree on the start date.
Successfully handling the first two steps does not mean you are done. The third and final step is very important. You need to leave your appointment knowing when the gift will arrive. Failing to handle this can lead to frustration on your part. With no date in mind as to when the gift will arrive makes it very awkward for you to follow up. Agreeing on a date while meeting with them removes that uncertainty.

I am sure you agree each of these steps is very critical. For example, if you ask for the gift but fail to settle on the amount you might walk away empty handed. If you ask for the gift and settle the amount but fail to agree on the start date you put yourself in an awkward position. All 3 steps are essential.

The Lord bless you as you engage in this important ministry of raising funds for the Lord’s work. It is a worthy calling. Always remember you are being used of the Lord to give members of the body of Christ the opportunity to invest in the Lord’s work.

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