3 Ways Negative Thinking Impacts our Fund Raising

3 Ways Negative Thinking Impacts our Fund RaisingWe tend to be our worst enemy when it comes to fund raising. Much of that goes back to our negative thinking.

D.L. Moody once said, “I’ve never met a man who has given me as much trouble as myself.”

There are 3 ways negative thinking impacts our fund raising.

1. How we choose prospects

As we build our list of prospects negative thinking has a way of just tripping us up. One by one we name the reasons why a person will not be a good prospect. We think such things as:

“They have 2 kids in college, I am sure they will not give to me and my ministry.”

“They just bought this huge home and how in the world could they afford to give to me and my ministry.”

“I have heard they give to a number of other ministries. They probably wouldn’t be interested.”

And the list goes on, and one by one we fail to add them to our prospect list.

2. How we challenge our prospects and donors.

“They just got a new car. I think I will ask them for $25.”

“They just started this new business. I better think more on the lower end and ask for $75.”

Our job as fund raisers is to cast the vision and challenge people, and not let negative thinking paralyze us.

3. How we follow up our prospects and donors.

Here again we make all the excuses in the world why not to follow up people.

“They said they were going to pray about it. I am sure they will call sometime.”

“I believe they said they were going to think about it. Maybe they will get back in touch”

My advice: follow up, follow up, follow up.

Bottom line: Let prospects and donors make their decision. Don’t make the decisions for them.

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