3 Ways to Avoid the NO

3 Ways to Avoid the NOAs a person raising funds we never want to hear the word NO. Here are 3 ways to avoid the NO.

Example #1: Word your questions so as to avoid the answer NO.

For example, you are trying to get an appointment and instead of saying: “Are you interested in meeting?”

Ask: “Would next week be better or the following week for us to meet?” This wording requires a response that avoids the word “NO.”

Example #2: You control the follow up.

For example, you want to follow up a prospect or donor. There is a right way and a wrong way.

Wrong way: “Can I call you back?”

Right way: “When can I call you back?”

“Can I call you back?” on some occasions can produce a NO response.

“When can I call you back?” creates an opportunity for a positive response that allows you to follow up and move through the fund raising process.

Example #3: Don’t give people an opportunity to say NO.

For example, for the sake of stewardship you want to clean up your mailing list and purge your list on an annual basis or at a minimum once every two years. Never give an existing donor an opportunity to say: “No, I don’t want to continue receiving your letters and newsletters.” Send the opt out request only to those who have not responded over a period of time. That way, you never give your donors the opportunity to say “NO.”

May the Lord bless your fund raising efforts.

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