3 Ways to Learn More about Your Donors

3 Ways to Learn More About Your DonorsIt has been my experience that we can be far more focused on ourselves and our ministry, and fail to learn more about our prospects and donors. Here are 3 things you can do to overcome this.

It has been my experience that I do far more talking about me and my ministry and simply not enough listening. Whether on a phone call, an appointment, or a visit with your prospects or donors make it a practice to listen to what they are saying. You might be surprised.

They might talk about their passion, their hurts, their dreams, and their disappointments. They share these because they are important to them and they should be important to you as you seek to minister to them.

Anytime I walk into a home or an office of a prospect or donor I am always looking around. I might see a picture that shows a favorite sport or hobby. Maybe an award they are proud of. It could be a family picture or more. All of these can lead to conversations to allow you to learn more about them.

You could discover so much more about your prospects or donors by simply asking a question. For example,

  • Is there anything I can pray for?
  • What do you do for a career?
  • When you give do you tend to give monthly? Quarterly? Annually?

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