4 Goals for an Appointment

4 Goals for an AppointmentThrough People Raising I trust I have convinced you of the value of seeking an appointment. Now I want to make sure you are successful with that appointment. There are 4 goals you will want to achieve as your sit down with your prospects or donors

1. To build your relationship

There is nothing like a one on one meeting to build the relationship between you, your prospect and donor. This is an opportunity to bond. One of your key responsibilities in an appointment is to be a very disciplined listener. You’ll quickly learn their likes, interest passion and so much more. On the flip side they will learn more about you, your love for the Lord, your family and your ministry. Just by showing up for an appointment you will be well on the way to building that relationship.

2. To share your vision

As much as building a relationship is critical there is so much more that needs to take place. People need to sense your vision, your call the Lord has place upon your life. You can carefully craft a well written vision statement and include it in your emails, blogs, and letters but there is nothing like communicating that live and in person.

3. To provide your prospects an opportunity to give

Not all visits or appointments need to be a time when you are asking for funds but for the sake of our illustration here it is critical in a fundraising call that you provide your prospects an opportunity to give. They need to know what it takes for you to accomplish your vision. They need to know how they can participate and join you in your mission. Again you could see the value of building a relationship and sharing your vision but if you stop there you’ve not given the people an opportunity to engage and personally get involved in the vision and mission the Lord has given you. You need to ask.

4. To develop prayer partners

Our ministries move forward as they are fueled by prayer. Identify specific ways that they can pray for you and your ministry. But never allow the role of prayer to become a one way opportunity. You too need to pray for them as well. Look for ways you can pray for them as they partner with you.

These are four key goals for your very next appointment. May the Lord encourage your heart as you pick up the phone and seek to make appointments and follow through!

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