4 Key Fund Raising Tasks

Four Key Fund Raising TasksMost of us would acknowledge we have more things to do than we have time for. We need to prioritize, and use our time well.

As we go about raising funds, we will find there are 4 key fund raising tasks we must consistently perform.

1. Selecting Names
Anyone raising funds knows that you never stop adding names to your list. There is not a day that goes by that I am not looking for people to connect with my ministry. In that process, I am always thinking of prioritizing my list. Who are those that might be a high priority that warrant an extra effort in my fund raising efforts. Also keep in mind that I am more concerned about the quality of the list than how big a list.

2. Getting Appointments
The goal of your fund raising is not simply compiling a list. The next key task is to get an appointment. You will need to know and practice how to start your call seeking an appointment and how to successfully respond to the common objections you will hear. Remember if you can’t get the appointment you will not be able to sit down with your prospects and donors and challenge them to be part of your fund raising team.

3. Visiting/Asking
If we are going to effectively raise funds we will need to engage with our prospects and donors. Now that we have the appointment, a whole host of questions come to mind such as:

    • How do I begin my visit?
    • When do I bring up money?
    • How do I transition to talk about money?
    • How can I learn more about them?
    • What questions might they typically ask?

The good news is that one can be prepared for the visit but it requires a plan and plenty of practice.

4. Following Up
All through the fund raising process follow-up is essential, it is not optional. It could be making a follow up call to secure an appointment. A follow-up call for a person who on your visit planned to pray about the opportunity to give. My advices throughout the fund raising process is simple and straight forward: follow up, follow up, follow up.

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