4 Key Insights That Can Sharpen Your Fundraising

4 Key Insights That Can Sharpen Your Fund RaisingThere are 4 key insights that can make a difference in your fund raising. The new and expanded version of People Raising being released April 1st touches on these insights and much more.

  1. Confronting the fear factor You all too well know whether beginning your fund raising experience or a long time veteran that fear can paralyze you. This is an excellent chapter that will give you a great overview.
  2. Use of social media When it comes to communicating our vision and raising needed funds we live in an age of expanded use of technology. As fundraisers we need to use those means of communication to connect with prospects and donors in the fund raising process. But there is right way and wrong way and People Raising will address that.
  3. A donor’s perspective on fund raising As we meet with prospects and donors wouldn’t it be interesting to know what goes on in their mind as they are approached for funds? You have this unique opportunity to sit with me as I interview a major donor. You don’t want to miss this!
  4. Coaching can make the difference. Grasping the People Raising strategy is one thing but executing it is another. In this chapter I talk about what is involved in coaching. Whether a coach or simply a person raising funds there is so much that you will pick up in this new and valuable section.

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