4 Options With Your Referrals

4 Options With Your ReferralsAll of us are excited when we are given referrals from our donors. But after you get the new names what do you do next? There are 4 options that you can request of the donor who has provided the names. They could do one of the following:

  1. Send a letter introducing you.
  2. Make a phone call and introduce you and indicate that you will follow up with a phone call
  3. Set up a 3 way call or conference call so the 3 of you could talk.
  4. Set up a meeting for the 3 of you to meet.

The question is which is most effective? And the answer – Set up a meeting for the 3 of you. This is powerful because at that meeting the following takes place:

  • Your donor shares his or her enthusiasm for you and your ministry and tells why they support you or your organization.
  • The referral already has a relationship with your donor. He or she respects them and trust their opinion of you and your ministry.
  • You now have a chance to share your passion and vision with the referral.
  • You have the opportunity to begin building a relationship with that referral.

Remember the People Raising principal:

  • People give to people they know
  • People give to people they know, they trust
  • People give to people they know, they trust they care for
  • They now know you and you have the opportunity to build that relationship.

Setting up a meeting for the 3 of you calls for patience and usually does not happen overnight. Just scheduling 3 people can take time and the busier the people are the longer it will take. But it has been my experience it is well worth the wait. Don’t take the short cuts of settling for a letter of introduction, a phone call and 3 way call. You simply will not have the results you are looking for.

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