4 Reasons Why You Need to Set Appointments

4 Reasons Why You Need to Set AppointmentsI am convinced you will never be fully funded unless you get appointments. Here are 4 reasons why you need to set appointments.

1. You have another person’s undivided attention.

This is a huge advantage. If you are dependent upon letters, newsletter and meeting to
raise fund you have no idea if your prospect or donor is really paying attention or if
you are even connecting. While meeting people one on one you have their undivided

2. Meeting allows for two-way communication.

When it comes to raising funds, we know what we want to communicate and we might
even do it well. But what objections might there be on the prospects or donors part?
What questions might they have? What giving interests might they have? Keep in mind
that if there are objections unanswered, you most likely will not get a gift until they are
answered. An appointment provides that two way communication.

3. Your time and attention communicate you value the prospect or donor.

Picking up the phone and seeking an appointment sends a signal. It says you value that
prospect or donor to the extent you want to sit down and personally spend time with
them. It is obvious you can’t take the time with everyone and that’s the point. You value
them and your relationship with them.

4. Your effort signals you have something important to share.

You have many options when it comes to communicating with your prospects and
donors. You can send an email, a text, Facebook, letter etc. Those we do daily and yet
when you raise the level of communication to seeking an appointment it signals you have
something very important to share.

With these 4 reasons I trust I have been able to convince you why you need to set
appointments. If you are to be fully funded it is a must.

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