4 Top Reasons to Re-Solicit Your Current Donors

Re-Solicit Your DonorsThere are times when looking for more funds we find ourselves frustrated not knowing where to turn. We often look for new sources to tap into when right in front of us are existing donors.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you need to re-solicit your current donors.

1. You might have donors whose financial picture is changing for the good.

The financial status of a person can change for the better. A donor who began supporting you when he or she had children in college may have more ability to give if their children have graduated. A donor may have a new job or may have received a promotion. Such donors are in a position to increase their support.

2. You will have a much great chance increasing a current donor’s giving than recruiting a new donor.

One of the key People Raising principles is that people give to people they know, trust and care for. This defines your current donors. It is much easier to get more funding from your existing donors than to recruit new donors. You will find that it is more effective in use of you time and money. With that said, you still need to always be looking for new donors.

3. Re-soliciting is an opportunity to challenge your donors to give at a higher level.

In the past you might have been reluctant to challenge high but now you have that chance. Challenging people in their giving is a crucial aspect of your fundraising plan. You need to constantly be raising people’s vision for your ministry.

4. Your donors may not realize that they haven’t increased their donations over a period of time.

They have given, and you have maintained contact. They believe in what you are doing. It’s possible that they may be able to give more once you inform them of your ministry’s achievements, growth, vision, and financial goals.

Having made the point to re-solicit your current donors, there is no better time to start than NOW!

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