5 Different Types of Donors

Starters are people who like to start a project. They catch the vision quickly and want to be with you from the beginning.

Finishers are those who like the satisfaction of knowing that their gift pushed you over the top.

Project-oriented people are those who don’t get much satisfaction from giving a gift to pay the utilities, rent, and so on. They are turned on by special projects.

Impulsive people are those who, when presented with an urgent challenge or need, respond quickly and gladly.

Programmed donors figure out their giving for the year on January 1. They lock in their giving in and no matter how urgent or important your vision is it will fall on deaf ears. Ask that person for an appointment in mid-December, and ask for a commitment from them for the next year.

It’s important to keep notes on each donor and to know whether he or she likes to give regularly, to special projects, to emergencies, or other giving patterns that can be noticed.

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