5 Reasons Why your Donor’s Pledge Might Be Interrupted

5 Reasons Why your Donor’s Pledge Might Be InterruptedLet’s stop a minute and speculate why your donor’s pledge might be interrupted. Here are 5 reasons.

1. Lost a job

In this day and age this is becoming far to common. What an opportunity for you to minister. Your concern should not be your personal support but how you can pray and minister to them.

2. Health issues

Here again you have an opportunity to minister. I have often said that your interest in your donors should go far beyond their money.

3. Lost in the mail

If you are like me I do not have much confidence in the post office. Don’t be surprised. Typically, your donors will gladly issue another check.

4. Forgot to send it in

This is an interesting one because just last month there were two donors I talked to that indicated that they had already sent their gift. Once they doubled checked they discovered they had never sent it in the first place.

Carefully tracking your donors giving can allow you to discover this and allow you to be proactive in your follow up of your donors whose gifts have not arrived.

5. Organization credited the gift to the wrong account

No matter how careful your organization is on receipting you will find gifts being credited to another person. Our organization, Inner City Impact in Chicago is oh so careful but even then errors occur.

There you have it, 5 reasons why your pledged support might be interrupted.

With a phone call, you will get the reason very quickly why their gift has not arrived. Some of these issues, which reflect needs in the donors’ lives will require you to move into ministry mode and minister to them. These donors need your prayers and understanding. Money becomes secondary and ministry to them primary

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