5 Ways To Acquire Donor Information

5 Ways To Acquire Donor InformationIt is essential that you know as much about your donors as you possibly can. Here are 5 ways to acquire donor information.

  1. Listen.
    I am amazed how much I learn by simply being a good listener. If you are like me, you like to talk about your ministry but forget to be a good listener. The more time you spend with your donors the more they share with you.
  2. Observe.
    Whenever I walk into a meeting I am always looking around. It could be an office setting or a visit in a home. It could be an award displayed, a picture enjoying a favorite hobby, pictures of grandkids. You can learn so much by observing. People display those things which are of great interest and value to them.
  3. Ask your prospect or donor questions.
    Asking questions can provide you just the information you are looking for. For example:
    When you give do you like to give monthly, quarterly, once a year? Is there any particular part of our ministry you like to give to?
  4. Ask their friends.
    Often I will go back to a mutual friend and asked them to provide me insights.
  5. Use the Internet.
    We live in a day and age where a lot can be learned about people. Facebook, using Google search can especially help on insights on some of your major donors.

As you bond with your donors, acquiring donor information can make a big difference. As you talk and connect with them based on their interests you will better be able to encourage and minister to them.

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