5 Ways To Gather Information On Your Prospects Or Donors

5 Ways to Gather InformationOn Your Prospects and DonorsIf you truly are going to be successful in your fund raising you need to know as much as you can about your prospects or donors. There are 5 ways you can gather information on your prospects or donors.

1. Listen
People will tell you a lot about themselves. Their passions, struggles, priorities and so much more. You just need to give people a chance to talk and share.

2. Look
When you walk into a person’s office or home begin to look around. People place things that are important to them on walls, tables etc. It could be an award, picture of grandchildren, pictures from vacations etc. You might learn of hobbies and so much more. These are great talking points.

3. Ask
Ask questions of your prospect or donor. Questions asked on your part will unveil many things that can help you build that relationship. Such as:

  • Tell me more about your career?
  • Tell me about your family?
  • What types of thing do you like to contribute to?
  • When you give do you tend to give monthly, quarterly, annually?

4. Talk
Ask friends of your prospect or donor (if known to you). Friends can be most helpful in giving you their insights.

5. Internet
Searching Facebook, LinkedIn and Google can give you even more information.

Remember, through People Raising you are building a relationship. Those relationships can be enhanced as you take an interest in your prospects or donors as you:


The Lord bless you as you continue to building relationships and challenge people with the vision the Lord has given you.

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