5 Ways to Prepare for Appointments

PrayGoal – The goal of your meeting is to ask the prospect or donor to support you with their financial gifts and prayers. Therefore, it is important to be highly focused in your visit and move them to a decision. Be prepared to ask for a specific amount or a dollar range.

Time – Your appointments may be as brief as twenty minutes with a busy professional or as long as two hours with a close friend. To accomplish your goal in twenty minutes, you must be brief and concise. That will require discipline and practice. Wear a watch, or keep an eye on a clock. Be courteous about respecting the time the prospect has agreed to give you.

Review – Review whatever information you have about your prospect—a spouse’s name and the names of other family members, family background, church, work, hobbies, and interests. Review what each prospect may be able to give financially.
Go over what you intend to tell the prospect about your organization and your sense of calling and your need. If your ministry has a brochure or something else for you to give your prospect, have that ready. Remind yourself of the dollar amount or dollar range you intend to use as a basis for this “ask.”

Opening – Be prepared with opening phrases as you meet at the door. “It is so good to see you again. I have been looking forward to getting together.”

Prayer – Pray! Pray! Pray! There is no better way to relax your mind and gather your courage than to pray before going into your appointment. Pray for courage, wisdom, and that all will go well. You are presenting the Lord’s business. He who calls you will provide for you. It’s His work and His ministry. Do your best, and then leave the outcome in the Lord’s hands.

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