6 Critical Skills to Master

6 Critical Skills to MasterIf you are to be successful in raising funds, there are 6 critical skills you will need to master.

1. Securing an Appointment Over the Phone

I have continually emphasized the strategic importance of meeting in person. To get to that one-on-one meeting, you have to master the art of making the appointment.
Once you’ve got your script down, find someone you can practice with. Once you are ready to make some calls, practice on your low-priority contacts. Get the experience so that eventually you can focus on your high-priority, Top 10 contacts.

2. Handling Phone Objections

In People Raising training, we lay out the common objections and various ways to handle them effectively. Get that practice partner, and brush up on responding to each of the objections. Keep in mind the two-step approach:

  • Recognize and respond to the objection, which is real in the prospect’s mind.
  • Ask for the appointment again!

3. Conducting the Visit

As you prepare for the visit, there are many questions going through your mind.

  • What do I say?
  • Where do I begin?
  • What order do I need to proceed?

4. Handling the Four Responses

There are four responses you are likely to receive after you have specifically asked for support. Practice responding to each of these scenarios:

  • “Yes, I’d love to support you at $____.
  • “$300 is kind of high for me right now.”
  • “I’d like to pray about it.”
  • “No, I will not be able to support you.”

5. Asking for Referrals

Many fundraisers run out of contacts at some point in the process of fundraising. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get new referrals as you work through the process? Donors who commit to support your vision for your ministry can be a great help in making new contacts.

6. Storytelling

As you paint a picture of a life being changed by the Lord, listeners can readily relate to that. Isn’t this the real reason donors give and continue to give? Everyone loves a good story of how God is at work in people’s lives. This goes back to expressing your vision and not merely your need for funds. Paint a picture. Take every opportunity to tell a good story about your ministry. Incorporate these into a fundraising appointment, a church meeting, an informal get-together or dessert time, an interview with a missions committee, a newsletter, a prayer letter, an email or phone update, and in your thank-you letters.

These 6 skills, when mastered, will make a radical difference as you move forward in raising needed funds for your ministry.

The People Raising 6-hour DVD and CD training program covers these 6 skills and includes live role playing of the visit. It is a valuable resource for mastering these skills.

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