6 More Ways to Prepare for Your Appointment

PrayPreparation is so very important when you plan for an appointment. Here are 6 more things to consider.

1. List of Projects
The prospect may indicate to you that rather than give monthly, quarterly or annually, he or she would be interested in becoming a special-gift donor. Ahead of time, prepare a list of special, specific needs that you might have. Estimate a specific dollar amount for each project.

2. Directions
Go over your directions in advance, and don’t rely solely on GPS. Keep the prospect’s phone number handy just in case you are delayed. Allow sufficient travel time so that you arrive relaxed and confident. Racing into an appointment late or in the nick of time does not make a good impression. If you arrive early, either spend a few minutes in the car or a lobby, praying before your meeting. In some cases, it may be possible that your prospect will be able to start the meeting earlier, if you are there in advance of your time.

3. Packing List
Bring whatever necessary literature, pledge cards, prayer cards, business reply envelope, DVD, and notebooks you will need.

4. Your Appearance
Dress appropriately. Dress for your audience. For a business call, you will want to dress professionally. For men, that might mean a dress shirt and tie with a suit or sports coat. Find out the office policy of the business you are visiting. Call in advance to determine the company “dress code”. If they have a casual business atmosphere, you will want to dress so that you and the prospect both feel comfortable.

When you take the time to dress to fit the occasion you communicate that you value the meeting you’re going to have, and you show respect for your prospect.
The bottom line is to look presentable.

5. Relax
Put yourself in a positive mood. Your mood and actions affect others; prospects or donors will respond to your mood. If you display friendliness, sincerity, and warmth, they are likely to react the same way. Therefore, presenting yourself in a calm, competent, and relaxed manner is important. Relax, knowing that the person set the appointment because he is interested in what you are doing.

6. Appointment Environment
As you walk into the office or home, take a quick look at the surroundings. A special picture, award, or object may suggest a special interest that the prospect has and a possible topic for conversation. For example, if the home is decorated with Western art, you might talk about that. If they have a special collection, ask basic questions: “How long have you been collecting?” “How did you get into collecting?”
When walking into the room in which you meet, allow your host to seat himself or herself first. Then position yourself close by so you can converse with them. If you brought items to look at, you might suggest sitting around a table.

All of this advice will make you better prepared and more confident as you present your vision.

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