6 Reasons Why Your Pledged Gift Might Not Arrive

6 Reasons Why Your Pledged Gift Might Not ArriveAny person raising funds is highly dependent upon those that pledge to give on a consistent basis. It could be a monthly pledge, quarterly or annually. There will be those times when those gifts might not make it to your account. Here are 6 reasons, why.

1. Your donor simply forgot.

The response card or envelope could have been misplaced. In the case of a couple the one or the other thought they were going to send the gift.

2. Health issues.

When you learn it is due to health issues this gives you the opportunity to pray and minister back to those who have so faithfully supported you.

3. Job issues.

In this day and age many people are struggling when it comes to employment. It could be the loss of a job, a reduction of pay or in some cases relocation to find a new or better job. Here again you are in a perfect place to pray and minister to them.

4. Credit card changes.

If you receive gifts through a credit card process it is very common for credit card expiration dates to change and if that is not corrected then no gifts will be coming your direction. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to your donor to determine the new expiration date.

5. Organization credited the wrong account.

Human error is certainly going to occur from time to time. By having a good tracking program in place, you will be able to know those gifts that fail to come in and can go back to your organization to inquire.

6. Lost in the mail.

From time to time mail does get lost. Don’t be surprised.

These are six reasons why there could be an interruption in your pledged gifts and I’m certain that there are more reasons. The key thing is to determine what has taken place.

What are your next steps?

Step 1. Make sure you are tracking your donor’s giving so that you can be the first to know when there’s been an interruption.

Step2. When the pledge gift has not arrived, at some point, you need to pick up the phone and make the call to your donor. The conversation can be as simple as, “I’m making a point to track all the funds that are coming in my account and for some reason I notice that there has been some interruption in your giving and I felt it wise just to pick up the phone and call.” Just saying those words, you should get a response as to what the real issue is. By all means, don’t simply send a letter or an email. You need to be in a situation where there is two way communication. You need to hear from them. As they share their reasons for the interruption, be prepared to pray and minister to them with such issues as health, jobs, etc.

Ministering to your donors certainly is important as you continue your ministry of People Raising.

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