6 Reasons Why Your Pledged Gift Never Arrived

6 ReasonsIt is not uncommon that a pledged gift might not arrive as scheduled. But why? There are at least 6 reasons why your pledged gift never arrived.

  1. Health issues. It could be the individual donor or a family member that is experiencing health issues. In some cases the health issue could result in a hit financially.
  2. Job issues. In this day and age this is all too common. Loss of a job, reduced benefits hit hard.
  3. Credit card change. New cards require notification to make sure your card is credited.
  4. Organization credited wrong account. Yes, this does happen from time to time.
  5. They simply forgot. This is most common and an easy fix and in most cases the donor will make up for the gift never received.
  6. Lost in the mail.

Now here is my main point when it comes to such things as health issues and job issues. These can be opportunities for you to minister to your donors. Remember in People Raising this is a relationship that flows in two directions. The donor’s investment in you and your ministry to them.

But how do you discover which of these 6 or other scenarios apply? Well, you don’t send a letter and wait for a response. No, you pick up the phone and indicate you are always tracking the gifts that come in and noticed for one reason or another that their gift had not arrived. It is that simple and you will soon hear their reply and you got your answer and can respond appropriately.


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