6 Reasons Your Donor’s Gift Never Arrived

6 Reasons Your Donor's Gift Never ArrivedAll of us are dependent upon receiving contributions on a timely basis. When an anticipated gift does not arrive, there are at least 6 reasons why.

Let’s stop a minute and consider why donors might have stopped giving.

  • Lost a job
  • Health issues
  • Family issues
  • Lost in the mail
  • Forgot to send it in
  • Organization credited the gift to the wrong account

It is important for you to find out what is the real cause. You might think a quick way to determine that is to send an email. A more personal way could be a phone call, where you can have a two-way conversation, which is important in order to learn what the real issue is.

Some of these issues will require you to move into ministry mode and minister to them. These donors need your prayers and understanding. Money becomes secondary, and ministry to them is primary.

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