6 Steps to Guide Your Fund Raising Presentation

6 Steps to Guide Your Fund Raising PresentationWhen you sit down for a fund raising presentation you have several questions that need to be answered. How do I begin? When do I talk about my financial goal? When do I ask for their support? Here are 6 effective steps.

1. Update on your life and their life.

As you begin the meeting, bring the prospect or donor up to date with your life. Go back where you left off with the friendship and tell the prospect about your activities and goals from that time until now. Also get caught up on the prospect’s life; there’s no need to focus only on you.

2. Share how God has led you into ministry.

Tell your story of how you got to this point.

3. Talk about your organization.

People need to know you are not just venturing on your own but are connected with a well-respected organization. Have the necessary details about your organization to share.

4. Share your vision.

Talk about what you believe God is calling you to do. Get excited as you share. This is a key bit of advice: talk vision, not need. Don’t focus on the fact you need a salary and benefits. Focus on what you want to accomplish for the Lord.

5. Share your fund raising plan.

Talk about your plan for raising the funds. For example, you might say, “I am seeking the support of my home church and have identified friends I plan to go to so I can see my financial goal met.”

6. Make the ask.

How do people get on your support team? You ask them. This is the point in your presentation when you ask the prospect to join your team. Your goal is to bring them to a decision.

For full details on how to utilize the 6 People Raising steps review the following resources all available online
Book: People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds – see chapter 13.
See the 6 People Raising steps role played on the 6 hour People Raising DVD.
Practice the 6 People Raising steps, personally role play and be mentored by attending a 2 day People Conference.

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